Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Welcome Back

I cannot believe summer has come and gone, and we are back in the swing of things at Bird Arena.  We have already made so many positive changes to this synchro season.

The first change is we have added a practice.  This may seem silly, but adding an extra hour each week will help us improv
e even more.  Although waking up at 6:30 for 7:30 practice can get a little demanding, we appreciate the opportunity to skate more.

We have also changed our music.  A new season calls for a new program, and this year's theme is really hip.  A mix between Charlie's Angels and James Bond, with gun shots, and yes, vocals in the music!  OUSST has never had music as unique as this.

Additionally, we have a new coach.  Mallory DeTota, a senior studying Environmental Geology has assumed the demanding role, and will (hopefully!) lead us on the road to victory.

In the past, to fundraise for competitions, travel, and lodging, we have sent emails to family and friends asking for money.  While our loved ones have been generous, we always feel awkward asking for money.  This year, in lieu of sending those letters, we have decided to put together a 2016-2017 calendar featuring the synchro team and the D1 Hockey team.  We took the photos a couple weeks ago, which was a total blast, and we are currently selling ad space to local businesses to pay for the calendars.  Here is our cover photo:

If you would like to pre order a calendar, which we will be selling for $25, please email the synchronized skating email, which is ousynchronizedskating@gmail.com.  You can also buy them at the hockey games.  Just ask any of the girls wearing a synchronized skating t-shirt.

Be on the look out for more updates!

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