Thursday, April 23, 2015

End of the Year Post

We cannot believe this year is over!  It only seems like yesterday when I was writing this for last year.  We have had some major changes occur in the last couple weeks. 

Mallory DeTota was name coach of the 2015-2016 synchronized skating year!  We are excited to have such a strong and experienced skater leading the team next year.  

Meghan Noga was named president and Kaitlyn Ingraham was named vice president. Anne McBride is our new fundraising chair, Valentina Georgalas is our secretary, and Jordan Mezey is our treasure.  Lindsay Wolz remained the safety officer.  

Next year, we are planning on traveling to Portland, Oregon for the Midwestern-Pacific Synchronized Skating Sectionals.  While traveling in the limo to Minnesota was, for lack of a better word, interesting, we will not be doing that next year.  Instead, we are planning on flying to Oregon!  This will be such a cool and fun experience for our team, and a great way to get our name out there.  Of course, the main concern right now is how we are going to afford those tickets!  We have come up with a pretty brilliant idea to fundraise for the trip, so keep checking back to see what we are up to!

This year, as a team, we completed over 280 community service hours!  We volunteered at hockey games, at the Athens Figure Skating Club Spring Show, at the Athens High School track meet, and so many more.  We are so proud of our accomplishments and cannot wait to give back to the community next season.