Monday, January 13, 2014

A Much Needed Update

Wow, it's been about two and a half years since the last OUSST update.  Our last editor of this blog has since graduated, leaving this page covered in dust.  However!  I am here to brush it off and start regularly updating for the team!  Just a quick word about myself, so you all know who is writing this, my name Meghan Noga, I am a freshman majoring in Journalism and Political Science Pre-Law.  I started skating when I was 5 but never did synchro until this year! I am thoroughly enjoying being on the team.

Our music this season is a compilation of a few songs off the Inception album.  Needless to say, it is intense.  

This year, we have already competed at 3 competitions.  Our first was the Kalamazoo Kick-Off  Classic.  Although we scored second out of two teams, we received some great feedback and criticism from two judges.  Overall, it was a great competition.

The weeks leading up to our second competition, the Dr. Richard Porter Synchronized Classic, we revamped our program to cover more of the surface of the ice.  We worked out a few noticeable kinks and problems and we traveled to Ann Arbor feeling confident.  On Sunday, we competed one of our best programs and were feeling really good about the results.  However, we placed 5th, which came as a surprise.  No worries, though, we were still really proud of how we skated.

We rested up over break but came back a week early to practice everyday for two and a half hours each day before Mid-America's, in Fraser, Michigan.  We changed so much, from where we were starting on the ice, to a key transition where the judges had trouble figuring out what it was, to where some of us were in the rotating three-wheel.  Despite the changes, though, we were ready for Mid-America's.  When we got on the evening before competition for practice ice, we skated pretty rough.  It was a little concerning to not have had a solid practice ice.  However, the next day, we got on and skated the best performance we have ever done.  All of our lines were straight, no one fell, everyone pushed and worked like a team.  It was awesome.  We placed 3rd out of 5, Notre Dame taking the 1st place and Miami taking 2nd.  We were all very proud of how we skated! 

Our next competition is the Mid-Western Sectional Championships in Chicago on the 23rd-26th of January.  Before then, though, if you are on campus, come out to see us skate on the 17th to support us and OU Hockey at Bird Arena!  Details can be found

Here are some photos from this year!
Team photo for OUSST 2013-2014

Team photo

I can't sleep in the car

Loading the van

Spirit week, "wacky tacky day"  

Spirit week, "America Day"

Spirit week, "emoji day"

Spirit week, "wacky tacky day"

Spirit week, "favorite movie character day"

Spirit week, "America day"

Mid-America Competition

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