Friday, February 18, 2011

Toepicks for Tatas

OUSST will be hosting our annual event, Toepick's for Tata's tomorrow night at 9 p.m. at Bird Arena. This is an event (previously known as Skate for the Cure) that we have held annually.

This is a great event to bring your sibs to, as it IS Sibs Weekend at Ohio U!

Admission is $3.50 and skate rental is $3.00. There will be a DJ, disco lights, and a fog machine. The event runs until midnight!

We will also be selling "Toepicks for Tata's" T-Shirts at the event for $10.00!

Some photos from last years event:
Some of our team members after the event last year.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Midwesterns and Tri-States

The past two weeks have been incredibly busy for OUSST! We traveled to Rochester, MN for the Pacific Midtwestern Synchronized Skating Championships (also known as sectionals). We skated one of the best programs we have ever skated, and placed SECOND! This is the best we have ever done at Sectionals. Not only did we win a silver medal, but we also defeated undefeated teams! (Notre Dame, a team that we have become friendly with, won gold!)
At our hotel in Rochester.

We were fortunate enough to have an outdoor rink right outside our hotel, and a few of us were able to go skate after our 13 hour bus ride.

A few of our team members skating at at outdoor rink outside our hotel.

Before leaving our hotel to compete.
Because we compete in "Open Collegiate", this competition for us is non-qualifying (which means we cannot qualify for Nationsals). Because of this, for our division, this IS our nationals.

Megan (coach and president) and Annie (vice-president) on the podium during the medals ceremony.

The whole team with our silver medals!
Our celebratory dinner at none other than Denny's!

Not only did we place second, but we also got to go to the Mall of America!
The team watching Collegiate, before heading to the Mall of America!

Taken outside of the mall of America (image courtesy Nicole Grams).
 THEN, this weekend, OUSST traveled to Bowling Green State University (BGSU), where we competed against Notre Dame and Central Michigan (the top three teams from Sectionals). WE WON! Words cannot describe how excited we are that we were able to take gold! We were able to come out on top of teams that we had never beaten before.

The plaque we were awarded along with our medals!

One of our seniors, Amanda Harshbarger, with her gold medal!

This weekend, we will be hosting "Toepicks for Tatas", a breast cancer awareness event for "Sibs weekend" here at OU. Another post will follow!